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The internet is the most accurate and current source of data for finding a camp-site the only disadvantage being that the stream of information is so vast that often the camper won’t find your site if they don’t have your exact name or location. is specially designed to overcome this problem. We provide a map indicating the location of all of our registered sites, and this is divided up according to province and/or region so that visitors can visually search for your camp-site.

You can add your camp-site to in the following ways.

Comprehensive entry ((click on OK for on-line registration)

In a comprehensive entry your camp-site will be fully described, supplied with -/+ 6 photographs, the logo of your business, a map and your actual charges. Costs: 160,- euro annually and a one off set up charge of 50,- euro (excluding 19% VAT).

Visitors can be linked directly through to your own Internet site.

OThere is an index with a key to the facilities of your camp-site (the first choice of our visitors).

There is a facility for you to request small, interim adjustments (free).

Free entry ((click on OK for on-line registration)
Your camp-site will be entered free of charge under the heading ‘meer campings’ (other camp-sites).
Condition: You place a button or banner with a link to on the Home-page of your web-site.


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